Senior Digital Product Designer

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


About us

We exist to rapidly discover, validate and build new products and services together with the change makers we partner with.

Three core principles define the way we work:

Happy teams create change

Understanding how to build happy, productive teams is the secret to our success. We work in tightly knit, flat structured teams that work highly collaboratively not just with each other but with our clients' team.

Make it real

We make with intent, bringing ideas to life quickly and getting them in front of real people as soon as possible. We’re about prototyping and testing every day over long-winded research documentation.

Designing intelligence

We’re about much more than just digital interfaces, more important to us is the intelligence behind experiences. Understanding the decision making processes that build out an idea and solve a problem, is where truly transformative value can be created.

Our work

We work across a broad range of clients from start-ups to established global enterprise businesses. Problems and projects are ever changing for us but today we’re working on solving the following meaningful problems:

In Mental Health

Working in conjunction with Australia’s leading provider of therapeutic services we are helping those with mental wellbeing issues connect with the right therapist at the right time.

In Fitness

Optimising the experience for first-time gym visitors by creating an experience which reduces their anxieties and unearths their true motivations so trainer and trainee can collaborate on a meaningful goal and plan

In Fintech

We are working with some of Australia’s largest financial institutions to help their customers gain clarity of thought around their finances, and lay the groundwork for positive behaviour change.

And lots more across Government, Education and Culture sectors, all with a focus on creating positive impact in people's everyday lives.

The Role

We’re on the hunt for a Digital Product Designer who is as excited as we are about the possibilities to create innovative products that solve real problems. You’ll ideally be a ‘digital-native’, and be at home creating responsive sites and apps that put people first.

Along-with the usual strong conceptual skills, eye for style, and energy for details, you’ll design and make with intent. All our work is crafted with thought and strategy behind it. You’ll take a leading role in our discovery workshops where you’ll dream up and articulate big ideas and run co-design sessions with the project team.

You’ll also be comfortable having your work put through it’s paces with real people and be intimately involved with shaping and observing user testing in our newly installed ‘spy room’, complete with one-way mirror.

You’ll work alongside a talented team of makers and be comfortable thrashing out the details and passing your own knowledge on to fellow team members. You’ll also be expected to lead projects for major global and domestic brands and drive those projects to the strongest possible solution whilst being supported by a like-minded design thinkers. We work highly collaboratively with our clients and this includes periods working off-site embedded with their internal teams.


If you're reading this and thinking I'm not sure if this is me but I'd still love to work with these people then send us your deets.


We believe that fun and excitement are key ingredients to great work. Even when the projects are hard we always find time for good times.

We do lots of studio events, everyones birthdays, studio trips away for the weekend, team dinners, Brew club, board games, book club and other great things that start with B.

Purpose built studio

Our studio space was designed for productivity and comfort, not showing off to clients. Expect a relaxed environment with all the things you need and none of the fancy white meeting rooms you don’t.


Every opinion is heard. Everyone presents their own work. Be supported by team leads, not managed. Own your projects from beginning to end.


Our mission is to find the best design thinkers and empower them to learn, grow, and solve problems, together. You'll be backed by a team who will invest in your career progression and development.


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