Senior Service Designer

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Design


Mentally Friendly is dedicated to creating world class digital products and solving real problems through the power of technology. Almost every project we touch has an offline real world element which we look to optimise through service design. Historically we have worked with our sister agency Future Friendly’s Service Designers to do this but as we work on more and more relationship based products we’re looking to include tighter Service Design integration into our projects.

This is a unique opportunity to be the Senior Service Designer in our team where you’ll play a pivotal role in not only shaping category leading services and products but also shape and increase the strength of our process in the future. You will apply your skills to supporting the human interactions that take place offline and apply your skills to understanding and improving the before, during and after of the products we build.


We exist to rapidly discover, validate and build new products and services. Three core principles define the way we work:

Happy teams create change:
Understanding how to build happy, productive teams is the secret to our success. We work in tightly knit, flat structured teams that work highly collaboratively not just with each other but with our clients team.

Make it real:
We make with intent bringing ideas to life quickly and getting them in-front of real people as soon as possible. We’re about prototyping and testing every day over long-winded research documentation.

Designing intelligence:
We’re about much more than just digital interfaces, more important to us is the intelligence behind experiences. Understanding the decision making processes that build out an idea and solve a problem, is where true value can be added.


We work across a broad range of businesses from start-ups to established global enterprise businesses. Problems and projects are ever changing for us but today we’re working on solving the following meaningful problems:

In Mental Health:
Working in conjunction with Australia’s leading provider of therapeutic services we are helping those with mental wellbeing issues connect with the right therapist at the right time.

In Fitness:
Optimising the experience for first time gym visitors by creating an experience which reduces their anxieties and unearth their true motivations so trainer and trainee can collaborate on a meaningful goal and plan

In Recruitment:
Traditionally the employer/recruiter relationship has been seen as a war of attrition. We’re working to reimagine that relationship by creating an experience where both parties can collaborate together in safe and transparent environment to create more meaningful conversations for all.



We believe that fun and excitement are key ingredients to great work. Even when the projects are hard we always find time for good times.

We do lots of studio events, everyones birthdays, studio trips away for the weekend, team dinners, Brew club, board games, book club and other great things that start with B.

Purpose built studio
Our studio space was designed for productivity and comfort, not showing off to clients. Expect a relaxed environment with all the things you need and none of the fancy white meeting rooms you don’t.

Every opinion is heard. Everyone presents their own work. Be supported by team leads, not managed. Own your projects from beginning to end.

Our mission is to find the best design thinkers and empower them to learn, grow, and solve problems, together. You'll be backed by a team who will invest in your career progression and development.

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